Apple most popular apps, music and movies of 2011

[published originally on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 08, 2011]

Apple just posted the 2011 edition of iTunes Rewind, its annual promotion of what it considers top picks at the iTunes Store, the App Store and the iBookstore. The content is divided into music, movies, TV shows, apps, books, and podcasts, and from there further broken up into subcategories.

In music Apple has chosen Adele as the artist of the year, for instance, and the Foo Fighters’ Wasting Light as the album of the year.

The top iPhone pick is the photo sharing tool Instagram, while the top iPad app is the photo editor Snapseed. Some examples of movie and TV show winners are The Tree of Life for best indie film, and Breaking Bad for best TV drama.

TEDTalks has taken best video podcast, and the best audio podcast is NPR’s Fresh Air. At the iBookstore, Téa Obreht’s The Tiger’s Wife has been selected as the top novel, with Michael Lewis’ Boomerang coming in for best nonfiction. A special “best enhanced book” spot has been given to Caroline Kennedy’s Jacqueline Kennedy, which integrates historic audio, photos, and video of the former First Lady.

Apple’s lists are not necessarily the bestsellers. The top-selling iPhone app was Angry Birds for example, and the leading book was Kathryn Stockett’s The Help.

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The most popular music apps in the USA

[Published originally on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2011]

here are the most popular music apps for Android and iPhone.


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Innovation of the month: save music and videos from social networks

[Published orignally on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2011]

Our innovation of the month is the new web apps

With you can connect to your Facebook or Twitter account and save music or videos from friends. You can complete one to four steps:

1- Make a new Playlist
2- Drag and Drop an item into your Playlists
3-Share a Video or Song
4-Invite Some of Your Friends

It is useful if you want to save interesting videos or music recommendation from friends and listen or view it later in a playlist on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

This start-up is from Montréal.

Louis Rhéaume
Infocom Intelligence
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