New scientific article on cross-fertilisation for innovation and collaboration in the Quebec multimedia-IT ecosystem 0

Cross-fertilisation for innovation and collaboration in the Quebec multimedia-IT ecosystem

by Louis Rhéaume and Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay. TELUQ University.

publication date Oct 3, 2017 INDERSCIENCE PUBLISHERS

International Journal of Innovation and Learning 22 (4), 458-479


This article analyses cross-fertilisation for innovation in the Quebec
multimedia-IT ecosystem. It is based on interviews with managers from
30 organisations (15 firms and 15 non-businesses) in 7 different sub-sectors
of the ecosystem, with 11 different types of organisations. The article
identifies converging themes, patterns and trends for value creation. We
identify the methods used by members of the ecosystem for cross-fertilisation
for innovation. We study who works with whom in the ecosystem, and why
they are working together. We also explain the limits in cross-fertilisation for
innovation. We focus in this article on inter-industry collaboration, innovation
strategies and knowledge exchanges between firms and organisations. We
provide practical applications of cross-fertilisation for innovation in the


inter-industry; multimedia; IT; ecosystem; knowledge exchange;
value creation; reappropriation; innovation; cross-fertilisation; collaboration;

Reference to this paper should be made as follows: Rhéaume, L. and
Tremblay, D-G. (2017) ‘Cross-fertilisation for innovation and collaboration in
the Quebec multimedia-IT ecosystem’, Int. J. Innovation and Learning,
Vol. 22, No. 4, pp.458–479.

Biographical notes

Louis Rhéaume holds a PhD in Engineering (Innovation
Management) and is a researcher and a Teaching Assistant at TÉLUQ (elearning
component of University of Québec). He is a Lecturer at École de
technologie supérieure and an Adjunct Faculty at Champlain College of
Vermont. He teaches many courses in innovation management, knowledge
management, management, entrepreneurship, finance, accounting and creativity
management. He is a consultant at Infocom Intelligence in management,
innovation, technology and finance. He has eight scientific publications and
many professional articles in newspapers and websites. He has a blog, Infocom
Analysis, that has covered the tech sector for 12 years.

Louis Rhéaume, B.A.A., M.Sc., Ph.D.

Consultant, Infocom Intelligence and 2PS

Teacher, TELUQ and ETS

Twitter: @InfocomAnalysis