Top 10 posts of the Blog Infocom Analysis for 2012 0

Here are the top 10 most popular posts of the blog Infocom Analysis for 2012:

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1-How To Get 3X more Free Space On Dropbox Than on Google Drive More stats
2-Forrester forecast an Apps market of $38 billion by 2015 More stats
3-La rentabilité de la dépendance technologique More stats
4-10 quotes from Andy Grove, former CEO of Intel More stats
5-Blackberry ou iPhone? Quoi choisir? More stats
6-When mobile data revenue will take over fixed voice revenue More stats
7-Instagram has 9 employees and a valuation around $500M More stats
8-Wired interview with Marc Andreesen, venture capitalist and former entrepreneur: best article so far in 2012. More stats
9-Skype will have a business model with advertising More stats
10-Top 12 greatest entrepreneurs according to Fortune More stats

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