Venture capital: does the pre-IPO valuations of tech firms are overvalued? 0

SUNDAY, MAY 08, 2011

[Published originally on SUNDAY, MAY 08, 2011]

According to William Quigley, a VC at Clearstone, several actual pre-IPO valuations of tech firms are justified.

You can see the whole presentation there:

He pinpoints that even though some valuation in the 80’s or 90’s appeared overvalued at first, with time they were highly undervalued. For instance, the IPO of Microsoft around $600M (or $0.07 per share, Cisco ($0.23), Amazon ($0.44), eBay and Google can all be considered higly undervalued.

He reports that it may be also the case in some extent for the next IPO of Facebook and Zynga.

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